March 2023 Meeting

Building Big Dreams Based on Literacy

March 8, 2023

Low literacy is a national, regional, and local crisis. It affects children not only in the classroom but also throughout their future lives. Academic, social, and civic success depend on literacy. The earlier we can intervene, the greater the impact we can have. And it starts with reading, the very foundation of all future literacy. For Rowan Childs, who spent her childhood on the move because of the relocations required by her father’s career, reading was a lifeline. She later recognized the link between reading literacy and poverty, and established the nonprofit Madison Reading Project. With the Big Red Reading Bus, the Books for Educators program, and the events to provide books directly to children, Madison Reading Project has worked to foster literacy in Dane County and the rest of Wisconsin. Since 2014, the organization has provided over 300,000 books to nearly 200,000 kids. Join us as Rowan shares the services and achievements of this organization. You’ll also be able to sign up to visit Madison Reading Project’s operation.