March 2024 Meeting

Devil’s Lake Rocks!

March 13, 2024

Bird watching, hiking, climbing, kayaking, picnicking, and a host of other outdoor activities are available at Devil’s Lake State Park. Known as Tee Wakącąk, meaning Holy or Sacred Lake, the park is on ancestral Ho-Chunk land and contains ancient effigy mounds that are part of their cultural heritage. As a seasoned naturalist passionately connected to this breathtaking landscape, Sue Johansen-Mayoleth will take you on a journey of exploration and reverence for the remarkable story of the lake’s creation. It’s a living testament to the forces of geology and ecology that have shaped our planet over millennia. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate processes that have sculpted the towering cliffs into an enduring presence.

Join us on March 13th when Sue will help us vicariously wander through nature, where every rustle and chirp tells a story of life and renewal.

Shake Rag Alley Tour

Shake Rag Alley

Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts occupies nine buildings within a 2.5-acre oasis of gardens, trees, and rambling paths.Visitors are welcome dawn to dusk to stroll the magical grounds, which feature 20 individual garden beds including a monarch way station, a meandering spring-fed stream, carpets of blue naturalized forget-me-nots, day lilies, wild ginger, daisies and hostas in abundance, large stands of five-foot-tall Ostrich ferns, sedum cascading over rock walls … in sum, a cornucopia of wildly overgrown vegetation that perfectly complements the rustic character of the historic and reproduction buildings, pathways and rock walls.

Tour and presentation by artist-in-residence Janet Vetter, followed by lunch. Tour is free, with each member picking up the cost of her lunch. Shake Rag Alley Art Center, 18 Shake Rag St. Mineral Point, WI 54565

  • Monday, March 4, 2024
  • Carpooling from the Senior Center at 9:00 (drivers needed)
  • RSVP to Lindy Bass (


February 2024 Meeting

Reviving Mobility: Stem Cell Therapies for Arthritis and Joint Pain

February 14, 2024

Stem cell therapy is an early-stage field of pain management that, in some situations, can provide an alternative to surgery. Since stem cells have the unique ability to develop into specialized cell types, they can help promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation, easing pain. Yet, erroneous assumptions and misinterpretations cloud the understanding of regenerative medicine.

Adam Berge will introduce you to the pain mitigation potential of stem cell therapy by addressing:

  • What stem cells are and where they come from
  • Conditions effectively treated by this type of regenerative medicine
  • Whether stem cell therapy is safe
  • Benefits and risks
  • The most common misconceptions
  • Cost considerations
  • Questions to ask when considering stem cell therapy

January 2024 Meeting


January 10, 2024

At age 67, Charli Fulton embarked on an epic journey. Throughout her 2,200-mile hike along the Appalachian Trail, she not only conquered physical challenges but also discovered transformational insights. Her trail name “Sturdy Peasant,” became a powerful catalyst for overcoming adversity, defeating pancreatic cancer, and forging a new, vibrant chapter in her life. The name stuck as she tackled other trails.

In her reflections, Charli will emphasize the value of personal encounters, where the trail became a platform for the exchange of life stories. She will highlight how the hikes instilled in her a profound sense of self-discovery; unearthing strengths she never knew existed. The intimidating challenges of the Appalachian and other trails helped her discover a reservoir of courage laying inside herself, waiting to be tapped.

Charli’s storytelling unveils both physical feats and personal growth. Through her experiences, we learn that we often overlook our own strength and courage amidst daily chaos. Don’t miss this inspiring presentation to start the new year in a positive direction. Charli’s adventures are a narrative of rebirth, renewal, and the unwavering belief that one can start a new chapter at any age.

To learn more about Charli’s journeys, follow her blog posts at Sturdy Peasant’s journals.

Women’s Walking Group -October 27

Message from Elizabeth Barnum

Time to schedule a Fall walk to enjoy the beauty of nature. I was in the arboretum today and it was just beautiful! I am hoping the leaves don’t fall before our walk. Fingers crossed!

Date: Friday, October 27
Time: 9:30 Meet at the Senior Center upper parking lot off Lacy Rd and we will carpool
Place: UW Arboretum, Visitor Center parking lot, 1207 Seminole Hwy
The walk is about 2-2 1/2 miles on an unpaved trail through the woods. A walking stick or trekking poles may be helpful if you wish, but not necessary. The trail is fairly flat and being a woods, there are some tree roots and rocks to watch out for. It is an easy trail.

Please let me know if you will be joining the group so we don’t leave anyone behind.