July 2023 Meeting

How to Nurture Urban Wildlife Habitats

July 12, 2023


Your yard is for the birds… and the squirrels… and the rabbits. Yup, wildlife is present everywhere, even in the densest of cities and suburbs. Do you want to preserve biodiversity while reducing property damage? Then you must cooperate with urban animal communities and their ecosystems. Support a diverse range of native species; make conscious choices about landscaping; and favor environmentally friendly practices. David Drake, Professor and UW-Madison Extension Wildlife Specialist, will help you make a difference. His expertise in wildlife and wildlife damage management in human-dominated landscapes.is exceptional.

Learn how to create, enhance, and manage wildlife habitats in ways that are beneficial to both your property and to the overall ecosystem.

Presentation follow-up

During his presentation, Professor Drake provided tips and recommendations for supporting urban wildlife. He directed us to the Urban Wildlife Project website for more information.