February 2024 Meeting

Reviving Mobility: Stem Cell Therapies for Arthritis and Joint Pain

February 14, 2024

Stem cell therapy is an early-stage field of pain management that, in some situations, can provide an alternative to surgery. Since stem cells have the unique ability to develop into specialized cell types, they can help promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation, easing pain. Yet, erroneous assumptions and misinterpretations cloud the understanding of regenerative medicine.

Adam Berge will introduce you to the pain mitigation potential of stem cell therapy by addressing:

  • What stem cells are and where they come from
  • Conditions effectively treated by this type of regenerative medicine
  • Whether stem cell therapy is safe
  • Benefits and risks
  • The most common misconceptions
  • Cost considerations
  • Questions to ask when considering stem cell therapy

His company is Amplified Wellness, and his email is adambergeies@hotmail.com.